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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nisan-Halakah of the month (Part 1)

Chodesh Tov everyone!

I want to start by just offering my translation of a Mishnah. This will be the text basis for our halakha of the month. I'll do an initial post of comments later, but feel free to chime in on it from the get-go!

M Pesachim 1.1-2

[From the] advent of the fourteenth [of Nissan we] examine for chametz by the light of a candle. All places where [there is] no storage of chametz there is no need to search. And why do we say [to search] two rows of vessels in the cellar? This is a place where chametz is stored. Beit Shammai say, “two rows of vessels in all of the cellar.” Beit Hillel say, “[only] two outer rows of vessels that are in the highest places.” They don’t worry [if] perhaps a weasel drags [chametz] from house to house and from place to place, because if so [they would worry about the weasel dragging] from yard to yard and city to city; [there would be] no end to the matter.