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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Empowered Torah

From tomorrow (6/16) evening until 6/29 I will be engaging in an experiment that will require me to step outside of "computer land," cell phone reception, and the continent. This experiment is commonly known as "Vacation," and I am looking forward to learning A LOT about it!

With that said, I wanted to leave a small thought behind with hopes to read others thoughts and questions upon my return if anyone is so inclined:

How does a maturing Messianic Jewish k'hilah become more of an empowered community?

The tagline of Hashivenu is "towards a mature Messianic Judaism." Though this is crucial, and an ongoing process, it seems worth noting that maturity is not an end in and of itself. Maturity is the attitudinal quality that will empower us to properly partner with God in this world. It would seem that God's will for us is to carry crosses, do greater works than Yeshua, make disciples, and generally lay a smack-down on sin and chaos...SO....

It seems like higher education is not going to take care of this one for us. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for the higher education. In fact, It is vital that we be an educated community. I just want to suggest that it would behoove us to be about our Father's business and at some point that means stepping outside of our classrooms/meetings/conferences into the world...And we're not handing out those tracts again!

What are we going to do with all this education? What are we going to do with all this yiddishkeit? What are we going to do to let the whole world know what it means for Messiah Yeshua to be ALIVE and moving in power as the King of Israel?

Whatever it is...
It needs to look humble, not timid.
It needs to carry Fear of God that empowers rather than petrifies the will.
It needs to be bold without being stupid
It needs to be rooted in relationship with God
It needs to demonstrate God's power

I am grateful for all of the work that many are doing in this movement that is taking us in this direction. There is much more to be done on all fronts. With that said, "vision" would seem to require not settling for what seems immediately available, but entering a realm that expects far greater things. Hashivenu is teaching us to move towards maturity; What will be next to guide us toward an empowered Messianic Judaism?


  1. Enjoy your vacation! Thanks for sharing your blog I got it from an email from Diane...it was great to be able to read about the class I missed. Becky Z

  2. Bold without being stupid - that is a great way to say it! I LOVE this post, Ben. Good schtuff. Have fun in Italia!

  3. IMO, too many of us are NEITHER in the classroom nor involved outside our circle of comfort. The balance is found in the three pillars of the world TORAH (learning and living), AVODAH(prayer and worship), and GEMILUT CHASSADIM (works or fulfillment of CHESED (rich love for the insider and the outsider).

  4. Thanks for the comments all!

    Carl, Would you say that the balance of Torah, Avodah, and G'milut Chassadim is what serves as a foundation for a community empowered in its life?