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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heisenberg and the Kingdom of God

Heisenberg postulated the "Uncertainty Principle" based, in part, on his observed premise that the more you know the location of an particle, the less you can now about the speed at which it is moving, and vice-versa. Inevitably, this would leave one "uncertain" about either or both measurements at any given time depending on where the observer is focusing. If something has a definite position, then it has no definite momentum; if something has definite momentum, then it has no definite position. Interestingly enough, if this principle is applied "beyond" the realm of quantum physics and into the realm of complex dynamic systems more generally, Heisenberg's discovery has some powerful implications...

(lest you think my blog very rapidly turned into being something very different than what you were expecting :-)

The Kingdom of God is a dynamic system. It is a culture and system organized around the creative, revelatory, and redemptive work of God. Yeshua tells us that No one can know the hour of the fullness of the coming kingdom except the Father (Matthew 24:36). WHY? Because the Son IS the Kingdom coming NOW (Matthew 3:2)! The Son cannot determine its speed because He is focused on where it currently is, where He currently is. We cannot determine the velocity of the coming Kingdom, and that as why we are told simply that it IS HERE. So long as we are focused on when it will be, or where it is going for that matter, we will be unable to detrmine where it is now. This is why we are warned to not predict the end, but rather to discern the times. We need to know where we are, where the Kingdom is, and stay on board because this journey is unpredictable.

One might ask, "What about the prophets?"

Most (if not all) prophets prophesied based on what they heard and saw as in a present vision or voice, as if what will be was happening in front of them imminently. They could tell you that is was real because they knew where it was and that it was coming, but they could not predict: exactly when it would come to pass, what people's response to it would be, or what God's response would be. Anyone remember Jonah? The prophecy didn't even happen, all collapsed in the face of its indefinite location and momentum.

Alright then...What's the point of this confusion?

The more we realize God is coming, we miss where He is now. The more more we realize where we are now, we cannot know how fast (or slow) we're moving-or if we'll ever arrive. Yeshua teaches us where to put our eyes, what to know for sure, and what to leave uncertain. The point is that we musn't miss the Kingdom that is at hand because we are too frightened of the uncertainty that results in the inability to determine its ETA. God will always be full of suprises, and we will not likely arrive at any time that we can determine of a certainty. The comfort is in the realization that we know He is here NOW, and our motion toward Him needn't be definable...I'm certain of it :-)


  1. Nice. "The more we realize God is coming, we miss where He is now."

    Immanent and transcendent. Distant hope and present. Now and not yet.

    A good meditation that will stick with me all day.

    Derek Leman

  2. Great post!

    I agree with Derek, I'll be thinking about this all day.