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Friday, October 8, 2010

Chodesh Tov-Cheshvan

For thoughts on this month, see, "Cheshvan," below.

Here is my quote of the month:

"and be not conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, for your proving what [is] the will of God -- the good, and acceptable, and perfect."

Romans 12:2, YLT

...any thoughts?


  1. Benjamin E, you wrote:

    ...any thoughts?

    Here's a question: what is the reader being exhorted to be transformed to?

    A possible answer: if being transformed by the renewing of the mind is being contrasted with being conformed to this age, then perhaps the reader is being encouraged to be transformed to that which reflects the age to come?

    Thus, the will of God [i.e. the age to come] is to be proven through the live of the believer.

    But how does this happen through the renewing of the mind? Or what is the renewing of the mind?

  2. Correction: through the life of the believer.

  3. Yahnatan,

    I agree with yuour suggestion that we're "being encouraged to be transformed into that which reflects the age to come."

    In Romans 6, Rav Shaul speaks of us being transformed into the image of Mashiach. It seems that maybe our minds are being transformed into reflections of Yeshua's mind, hence the resulting connection with God's will.

    From a psychological and physiological standpoint, the mind controls the actions and sensations of a human being. With that said, a renewed mind transforms what we accept as normal or strange, possible or impossible, reasonable or not, etc. With our minds renewed, maybe mountains would follow!

    Those are some of my thoughts around it...