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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Very Special Gift

I have become a very thankful member of what is, in my view, one of the greatest Messianic Jewish contributions in five years: Riverton Mussar.

Riverton Mussar consider's itself to be "a wellspring for ethical change," but I will go so far as to say it is the first modern Messianic Jewish step towards getting to the core of the renewal intended for us in the Besorah: A renewal of our minds to be conformed into Yeshua's image (see Romans and 1 + 2Corinthians)-to know that our actions and thoughts are crucial to the Kingdom Coming (see Sermon on the Mount).

Mussar is a discipline of accountability that challenges its practitioners to come into an awareness of accountability to themselves, others, and God for all of their thoughts and actions. It includes ongoing journaling and charting progress in specific character traits (middot) . Riverton Mussar sets this up as an online community with the chevruta (one-on-one) element. There are specific middot to cycle through, and physical materials mailed to recipients who subscribe.

I encourage all Messianic Jews to consider joining this group. At the very least, check out their site regularly. This is already changing my life, and giving me clarity into what is most important to me: I want to be a better man today than I was yesteday-a better man tomorrow than I am today...growing towards the image of the one who inherited all things and wants to give his disciples all things.

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  1. Ben, thank you for the positive review and being a part of this work. I pray that it makes many quality disciples for Yeshua.

    -Rabbi Jason