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Monday, October 4, 2010

High Holyday Reflection

It has historically been the case that the High Holyday season tends to numb me to any "intermediate" experiences. In other words, when I wasn't in shul, thinking about shul, preparing for shul, eating one of the meals, spending time with community, etc. I would be somewhat unmoved by whatever I was experiencing. Things that might have normally impacted me wouldn't. I used to think this was a good thing, that I was being "super-spiritual." I realized something quite striking around Rosh HaShanah...we don't say "L'Tishrei Tovah Tikateivu," we say, "L'Shanah Tovah Tikateivu." The High Holydays are meant to bring heightened awareness to the remainder of our year. They are not meant to hijack everyday living, but rather to pump everyday living with renewed vigor. Thankfully, this year, my whole life was the High Holyday experience, and not just those times of prayer and community. For this, I am extremely grateful for God's patience with my historic misunderstanding of this precious season, and new understanding to put things right for years to come.

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